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Category: News & Politics

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Comfort Zones

February 21, 2015

Stories and interviews about comfort zones and what happens when people leave them.

1:30 Anna Diamond talks with a friend about his experience traveling throughout the West Bank.
14:45 Jesslyn Tannady discusses comfort zones with regard to social anxiety and awkwardness.
31:39 Eva Freedman interviews Rebecca Selch about traveling abroad... alone. 
39:30 Maya Brownstein talks with Elizabeth Yows-Johnson about living abroad.
48:00 Rachel Dodell sits down with Lyubov Kapko to discuss the relationship between language and comfort zones.  
The following songs are featured in this podcast:
"Road to Nowhere" and "Once in a Lifetime" by The Talking Heads
"N****s in Paris" by Jay-Z and Kanye West
"Smile" by Lily Allen
Shirat Hastiker by Hadag Nahash