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Mind Blown

March 13, 2015

Stories on the confounding, confusing, and crazy.  

1:00 Maya Brownstein and Anna Diamond talk with Wellesley seniors.  
11:40 Tory Roth takes a look at how much time we spend online.  
15:00 Clea Newman talks with a friend about her insane tinder adventure. 
31:20 Eva Freedman discusses the astounding abilities of Tibetan monks.  
37:50 Maya Brownstein and Anna Diamond talk with Professor Jessica Polito about the crazy world of mathematics.  
54:10 Olivia Mueller explores the vast array of interests here at Wellesley.  
The following songs are featured in this podcast:
"Let Me Blow Your Mind" by Eve ft. Gwen Stefani
"Blue Skies" and "Introduction" by Noah and the Whale 
XO Beyoncé