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WZLY’s student produced news show and podcast channel

November 7, 2014


For our first themed podcast of the semester, WZLY News brings you REBELLION. This episode features four segments, all focused on rebellion, what it means, how we perceive it, and the different forms it can take.  

1:50 Maya Brownstein and Anna Diamond discuss Beyonce and feminism.  
22:50 Clea Newman talks with Rose Layton.
36:40 Emma Stelter reflects with Wellesley students who did not go through a rebellious phase.  
53:10 Jessica Yung talks with Rowena He about her experience during the protests at Tiananmen Square in 1989 and what she thinks rebellion means.  
This podcast features Rebel Rebel by David Bowie, Yoncé by Beyonce, American Idiot by Green Day, and Man in Black by Johnny Cash. 
October 28, 2014

The News Show - October 28th ‘14

This week WZLY News brings you an update on the North 40, an interview with Boston based band Black Moons, coverage of Wellesley Democrat's event with Governor Deval Patrick and Congressman Joe Kennedy, and more.  

:18 News Bites
4:10 Reporter Emma Stelter brings us an update on the North 40.
6:00 **TRIGGER WARNING** Contributor Jesslyn Tannady reports on the execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari and the events surrounding her conviction and case.
16:35 Reporter Eva Freedman interviews Boston band Black Moons. 
23:00 Reporter Celina Reynes covers Wellesley's distinguished writers event featuring Natalie Handal and Robin Robertson. 
34:53 Reporter Jalena Keane-Lee talks with SAAFE. 
39:05 Contributor Clea Newman discusses the worst of Wellesley. 
42:29 Reporter Elise Brown covers Governor Deval Patrick and Representative Joe Kennedy's visit and talks with Senator Elizabeth Warren.  
October 21, 2014

The News Show - October 21st ‘14

This week WZLY News brings you stories from Indonesia's new president to Wellesley's very own controversy regarding the North 40.  Additionally, this week's show includes a review of Lena Dunham's new book and tour as well as crucial information for Massachusetts voters.

:42 News Bites Reporter Kiersten Schneider joins anchor Franzi Ross to report on some of the most relevant stories from around the globe.  
8:20 Update on North Korea from Reporter Charlotte Fitzek. 
12:17 Review of Lena Dunham's Book and Tour by Reporter Maya Brownstein. 
20:45 Massachusetts Ballot Questions rundown by Contributor Rachel Dodell.  
27:16 Mills Gallery Review from Reporter Anna Diamond. 
33:04 The Controversial North 40 the first of several segments regarding Wellesley's controversial Emerald Necklace from Reporter Emma Stelter.  

The background song for this week's show is Undeclared by the Dodos.  
October 7, 2014

The News Show - October 7th ‘14

For our very first News Show of the semester, WZLY reports on the emotional side effects of  caffeine, ebola, and the current status of transgender admission to all women's institutions.  We also bring you interviews with the visiting Welleslandia bands and finally, Dominique Steele joined us to discuss the I, Too, Am Wellesley campaign.  

:45 News Bites Contributor Margaret Justus joins Anchor Franzi Ross to report on the most recent developments from around the globe. 
10:05 Caffeine and its unexpected consequences, brought to you by Contributor Clea Newman.
11:09 Ebola Briefing Reporter Kiersten Schneider discusses the current status of ebola in the U.S. 
15:15 Welleslandia Interviews Contributor Celina Reynes and Reporter Eva Freedman interview Free Pizza, Couples Counseling, and Vunderbar.  
20:25 Massachusett's Governor's Race Updates Elise Brown reports on the current status of the race.
25:14 Trans Admission to All Women's Institutions the current statuses of each institution brought to you by Jesslyn Tannady.
32:16 I, Too, Am Wellesley Anchor Franzi Ross discusses the I, Too, Am Wellesley movement with Dominique Steele. 
May 20, 2014

Mike Snow, Co-Founder of Boston Calling

WZLY News chats with co-founder of the Boston Calling music festival Mike Snow about the challenges of putting on two festivals a year and about his start in college radio. 

May 12, 2014

Where Are You Going?

Stories about the excitement and the hardships that lie ahead. 

3:05: Elise Brown and Lucia Brown takes us inside the WAAM-SLAMII movement by speaking with one of the movement's founding members, RIta Máquez '16.

18:50: Margaret Justus talks to Leslie Stephens '14 about the difficulties of finding an internship, as well as the benefits of being an intern.

28:10: Charlotte Fitzek asks Watson Fellowship recipient Audrey Wozniak '14 about her plans for her upcoming year as a Watson Fellow. 

37:40: Weekly news update with Franzi Ross and Jessica Yung!

40:20: Jessica Yung discusses the excitement and stress of getting ready to graduate with three seniors, Joanna Garcia '14, Katie Howe '14, and Nicole Tay '14. Some seniors are more optimistic than others.

53:50: Emma Stelter recounts the struggles of the "sophomore slump" and talks about how she made it through and is moving on. 

May 1, 2014

Close Quarters

Stories about the frustrations and friendships that emerge from living in close quarters with other people.

1:45: Julie Censullo and Kim Asenbeck chat with Wini Freund '59 about dorm life at Welesley in the 1950s. Wini discusses the rules that Wellesley students were expected to follow and how students got around them.

13:00: Ellie Smith asks Jabree Ellis '17 why Jabree refuses to use the term "roommate" and what term she prefers.

18:30: Lucia Perez takes us on a tour of her "sweet suite" and recounts the saga of how she and her roommate Kristina Bracero '14 came to live there.

27:35: Weekly news update with Charlotte Fitzek, Elise Brown, Jessica Yung, and Kiersten Schneider. 

33:50: Franzi Ross speaks with Zoe Moyer '15 about the month that Zoe spent living in a van. Franzi also discusses the New York Times article, "When Home is a Campus Parking Lot," written by Ken Ilguanas about living van throughout grad school. 

39:20: Jessica Yung brings us another installment in her professor storytelling series. This week: Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature Eve Zimmerman ruminates on her relationship with her mother-in-law.

April 24, 2014

Study Abroad

Stories of faraway (and nearby) places.

1:55 - Emma Stelter asks Erin Pomeroy '14 and Megan Lambert '14 to tell her their best stories from their times spent in France and Australia, respectively. 
13:05 - Kim Asenbeck speaks with Charlotte Benishek '16, Zoë Sobel '14, Nora Mishanec '14 about their gap year experiences.
25:00 - Zoë Sobel and Claire Cerdá '15 make the case for why studying abroad is not always the right option.
35:00 - Weekly news update with Charlotte Fitzek and Elise Brown
40:45 - Ellie Smith reminisces on her favorite memories from her time in Spain, including a very wet plane ride she took from Cordoba to Paris. 
45:45 - Jessica Yung asks two male students, Ellis Iacono and Tyson Chen, to share their thoughts on their time spent in the foreign land of Wellesley College. 
April 17, 2014


Stories about your most memorable firsts.

2:20 : Lucia Perez takes us through a history of the Multicultural Affairs Coordinator, or MAC, and discusses what "firsts" the incoming MAC, Timothy Boatwright '16, and the outgoing MAC, Safaya Fawzi '14, embody.
19:35 : Kiersten Schneider hits the erg machines with crew team members Charlotte Benishek '16 and Alessandra Zaldivar-Giuffredi '16 and asks them how it feels to be currently ranked first in the NCAA Division 3.
25:45 : Weekly news update with Franzi Ross, Jessica Yung, Elise Brown, and Julie Censullo.

33:00 : The second place story from WZLY News' first Story Slam, performed by Elise Brown '17. 
40:55 : The first place story from WZLY News' first Story Slam, performed by Liv Froehlich '14. 
April 3, 2014

Good Eats

Stories about the different ways that we interact with food.

2:35 : Emma Stelter discusses the misconceptions surrounding hunting and speaks to Megan Locatis '16, Leah Nugent '16 and Environmental Studies PhD candidate University of California - Berkley, Luke Macaulay about sustainable hunting practices.
22:00: Kim Asenback chats with Sophia Garcia '15, the president of Slow Food at Wellesley.
31:50: Weekly news update with Julie Censullo and Elise Brown, featuring an update on CG elections. 

40:16: Jessica Yung brings you a story from Ellen Bechtel '14 that answers the age-old question: what do you get when you cross SCoop, sexy vegetables, and Buddhist monks?